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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PRC December 2011 Nursing Licensure Board Examination

The Nursing Board Exam Result December 2011 will be released soon by the PRC. So what's the importance of passing the nursing licensure examination? What's up to those who completed degree in Nursing? Anyone who wants to pursue this career should pass the licensure exam first before getting a job. This exam is very important to nursing graduates. Passing the licensure exam and getting a license guarantee of having a better career and a future. In short, it is a ticket to a greener pasture.

What's wrong with the PRC nursing licensure exam? Why there are nursing graduates struggle on passing this exam? Can we blame student's lousiness in school? Is it about the poor quality education and insufficient training they get? Or the limited information given by the review centers. Each factor plays a great role in order one can pass the exam.

After passing the exam, what's up? There are a lot of job vacancies in other countries, especially in the US, UK and Middle East. These countries can't get enough nurses from their own place and prefer to hire from other countries. Hence, it is important that anyone aspiring to be a registered nurse, should make an excellent point to pass the exam. If not, he or she might end up volunteering as a nurse in a hospital and getting a minimum wage.

Then again, the December 2011 Nursing Board Exam Results will be announced anytime soon. Good luck to those who have taken the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I haven't able to write the important things that happen to me this past few days, maybe because i am too occupied and sometimes it's so hard for me to concentrate. A lot of things worry me. Busy days, busy schedules... Nonsense things pop-up into my head, troubles, pains, worries, fear, too bad?
Life is a constant struggle and I know i am not alone on these struggle. I just hate the fact that I can't help those needy because i am also in need. Maybe I need to work more harder, pray a little more often, and be always optimistic that somehow God will provide everything and makes everything fine.

Friday, October 29, 2010

I woke up this morning very tired, back is still aching from the previous work last night, but so eager to get up. Today is Marc's school UN Celebration, and I'm so excited. Marc is going to perform now the song that he'd been practicing for a couple of days.
Although the program will start at 2 pm, we arrive in school at 1 pm, I know that we were very early but I just wanted to make sure that we will not going to be late on Marc's very first performance in school.
When the program is about to start, when the kids were already on the stage, ready to perform, we heard a sudden commotion from outside the school gate. Then the next thing happened, we heard children from the nearby public school screaming.Some were running, crying for help. We really don't know what happened and too confused what to do. Until a man inform us to shut the gate and
he told us the cause of the commotion. He said that there was a killer outside the gate, and that a teacher and a student were already killed. The public school that the killing happened was very near to Marc's school. So we the parents were very scared. The whole school was suddenly on panic . Parents were screaming, kids were crying. I was so shocked that I can't even moved. I was so scared that I don't know what to do knowing that the killer can get into us anytime, until I heard my niece, who was with me, told me to pick up Marc and run to the very near safe room to hide.
Minute passed that we were just inside the room together with the other parents, waiting for something good to happen. When finally my niece entered the room, that the killer is already dead, that was then that we felt secure,hearing the police coming we felt safe again.
The program resumed, but the happy spirit wasn't there anymore. I just felt happy seeing my little Marc, so innocent, performing to his best, not knowing that killing happened near us.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remote Android Memory

I constantly reminded every day how fast technology is advancing when I get online! Everything from laptops to cell phones, the new ideas keep flowing and it is very impressive. One of the new things on the market is remote memory for cell phones and laptops. Taking out the need for a local memory chip or hard drive, these new toys use a remote server where all the applications, video, music and multimedia are stored and accessed when every you use it. In particular is the new G1 or android compatible phone that uses Google as the remote server. This new program allows users to save memory space on their phone for applications and programs instead of multimedia files. Using a “virtual” memory, you can listen to music or watch videos that are not stored on the phone. Over the next few days as the server comes online, it is expect that 350 million users from the US and the UK will be using the platform. If you're interested in this new Google Android Storage, then just get online and look it up. You will be surprised how amazing it is!

So folks, what are you waiting for? If you want the latest and fast technology, you better see and try it. Just visit the linked provided above.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day!

As we commemorate memorial day, please remember the sacrifices and bravery of our soldiers who fought for our freedom.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Half Way There!

Since my husband is gone for his deployment, my kids and I are trying our best to be ourselves without his presence. I know it's very tough to be a mother at the same time a father to my children but we made this far. We are already half way to his deployment and not long enough we will the reunited again. Being in the military, I know now how to handle the situation that I was thought before I will not survived being away from my dear husband. This deployment make me strong enough to be independent in the strange country and live by myself with the kids without any help from my family back home. Every time I talk to my family back home, they always want me to feel very special and I am so proud to say that they love me so much. I told my family, living in the strange country is not easy but thank God, I live close to my parents in-law that they taking care of me and love me.

Oh well, time for me to fix breakfast before the kids will yell at me, lol! Hopefully we will be able to chat and see my husband today morning. Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Go Green with Big-Ticket Renovation!

Going "green" means living in a way that's friendly to the planet. But it also means keeping a little more "green" in your pocket by living more efficiently. Even if the recession is keeping you from making over your whole house so it's more energy efficient, you can convert it a little bit at a time. Next time you need to replace an appliance or other home product, consider an eco-friendly choice. Here are some suggestions for going green at home.

A) When replacing major appliances, it pays to buy those that are Energy Star-qualified. These are significantly more efficient than other models so they're cheaper to operate.
B) Buy appliances with "energy-saver" options. New dishwashers and washing machines, for example use less water than older models and let you choose load size and water temperature. Turn off dishwasher's heated drying cycle, and choose a clothes dryer that automatically shuts off when it senses that clothes are dry.
C) Place the dishwasher and refrigerator on opposite sides of the kitchen so the heat from the dishwasher won't force the refrigerator to work harder. Resist the temperature to store an extra freezer or refrigerator in the garage, where the extreme heat and cold will force it to work so hard it will send your energy bills soaring.
D) When it's time to replace windows, go with double or triple-paned glass. Those models cost more than your single-pane windows, but they prevent your heated or air-conditioned air from leaking outside, so you'll save money on your energy bills.

Isn't it very helpful tips for this summer?