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Friday, October 29, 2010

I woke up this morning very tired, back is still aching from the previous work last night, but so eager to get up. Today is Marc's school UN Celebration, and I'm so excited. Marc is going to perform now the song that he'd been practicing for a couple of days.
Although the program will start at 2 pm, we arrive in school at 1 pm, I know that we were very early but I just wanted to make sure that we will not going to be late on Marc's very first performance in school.
When the program is about to start, when the kids were already on the stage, ready to perform, we heard a sudden commotion from outside the school gate. Then the next thing happened, we heard children from the nearby public school screaming.Some were running, crying for help. We really don't know what happened and too confused what to do. Until a man inform us to shut the gate and
he told us the cause of the commotion. He said that there was a killer outside the gate, and that a teacher and a student were already killed. The public school that the killing happened was very near to Marc's school. So we the parents were very scared. The whole school was suddenly on panic . Parents were screaming, kids were crying. I was so shocked that I can't even moved. I was so scared that I don't know what to do knowing that the killer can get into us anytime, until I heard my niece, who was with me, told me to pick up Marc and run to the very near safe room to hide.
Minute passed that we were just inside the room together with the other parents, waiting for something good to happen. When finally my niece entered the room, that the killer is already dead, that was then that we felt secure,hearing the police coming we felt safe again.
The program resumed, but the happy spirit wasn't there anymore. I just felt happy seeing my little Marc, so innocent, performing to his best, not knowing that killing happened near us.

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