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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PRC December 2011 Nursing Licensure Board Examination

The Nursing Board Exam Result December 2011 will be released soon by the PRC. So what's the importance of passing the nursing licensure examination? What's up to those who completed degree in Nursing? Anyone who wants to pursue this career should pass the licensure exam first before getting a job. This exam is very important to nursing graduates. Passing the licensure exam and getting a license guarantee of having a better career and a future. In short, it is a ticket to a greener pasture.

What's wrong with the PRC nursing licensure exam? Why there are nursing graduates struggle on passing this exam? Can we blame student's lousiness in school? Is it about the poor quality education and insufficient training they get? Or the limited information given by the review centers. Each factor plays a great role in order one can pass the exam.

After passing the exam, what's up? There are a lot of job vacancies in other countries, especially in the US, UK and Middle East. These countries can't get enough nurses from their own place and prefer to hire from other countries. Hence, it is important that anyone aspiring to be a registered nurse, should make an excellent point to pass the exam. If not, he or she might end up volunteering as a nurse in a hospital and getting a minimum wage.

Then again, the December 2011 Nursing Board Exam Results will be announced anytime soon. Good luck to those who have taken the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination.

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