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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Half Way There!

Since my husband is gone for his deployment, my kids and I are trying our best to be ourselves without his presence. I know it's very tough to be a mother at the same time a father to my children but we made this far. We are already half way to his deployment and not long enough we will the reunited again. Being in the military, I know now how to handle the situation that I was thought before I will not survived being away from my dear husband. This deployment make me strong enough to be independent in the strange country and live by myself with the kids without any help from my family back home. Every time I talk to my family back home, they always want me to feel very special and I am so proud to say that they love me so much. I told my family, living in the strange country is not easy but thank God, I live close to my parents in-law that they taking care of me and love me.

Oh well, time for me to fix breakfast before the kids will yell at me, lol! Hopefully we will be able to chat and see my husband today morning. Happy Tuesday to everyone!


Paula said...

Time moves fast. Pretty soon he'll be there with you. :)

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Catherine said...

I understand the feeling when our hubby are not around. Especially when we need to take care of our kids without the presence of our hubby, but I always pray to God when I'm alone. He understands our needs the most!