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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mission Accompished!

As I've said, I will be working in my front yard cleaning up the mess and all the branches that fell down last ice storm. I tried to pulled some of them but it was really heavy so I went inside the house and start thinking what to do. After a few minutes, my in-laws came with their chain saw to help me out cutting all the woods. Wow! I was really thankful to them; my father in-law cut the woods into pieces while mother in-law and I was trying to help him out to make him easier to cut the woods and much quicker. Finally, we finished cutting all the woods and they left to go home and take a rest for awhile before going back to their work. After feeding the boys with their lunch, I told the eldest one to watch his brother while Mama will finish to clean up outside. And my 3 year old son was really a big helper, he let his brother sleep on the couch and both of them feel asleep. I cleaned up the front yard and dumped it to the other side of the road where there is nobody (Vacant lot) and if it gets dry and we are still here, I think I will burn them so that I will not be a big mess. Tomorrow, I will stack and file all the fire woods that my father in-law cut so that it will be ready to use next winter. I know we will not be here in Arkansas next winter because we are going back to California before then but at least if my in-laws need it. Would be easy for them to get and bring them to their house.

On the other hand, I was able to talk to my husband after cleaning my yard and we discussed a lot of things and it feels really relieved to talk to him after long hours of working outside. Now I can say to myself "Mission Accomplished! Praise God for my in-laws who helped me out.

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