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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Morning Friends!

Wow! Praise God for a very beautiful day and Thank you for the mercy and grace that He pour each and every day to all of us. He is faithful and loving. Thank YOU, Lord for keeping us safe every day. What a beautiful Thursday morning here in Arkansas, the sun was so bright and it's getting warmer. I got up late this morning because I went to bed late as well. I was waiting for my husband to get off from his work that's why I have to stay up late. I having fun talking to my dear husband who is currently in Guam right now. I'm glad that his cellphone is still working though it's roaming. I'm very happy that I would be able to talk to him even I have to stay up late because of the timing differences and have to wait until he get off from his work. I think, we have to both sacrifice to stay up late just to talk which is OK with me because I am doing nothing at home and need to talk to him and discuss some important matters. Plus kids want to hear his voice too. Well, if he is not busy and want to talk to me, he will just send a text message saying "You can call me Now" Then I will give him a call and we can talk for how many minutes as long as he is not busy. I'm not sure if how much our billing this month but I don't care how much it cost as long as we can talk. They would be probably until the 9th of this month there and then go to their next destination which I don't have any idea yet. My kids woke me up this morning because they said they are hungry already and when I looked on my cellphone's time, it is already 9:00AM.

Anyway, I have to go out today in my yard to clean up the mess that the ice storm leave, lol! Hopefully, I would be able to pull the branches out from my front yard, they are heavy and big, so I will try my best to pull them away and put them at the back of my yard.

Friends, hope you have a good day and enjoy the rest of the day. May God bless you and keep you. Have to go now while it's not cold outside.

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