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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Have a Blessed Sunday!

This is our first date after the engagement party!
Our friends that he invited for the valentines date

Today is Sunday, the 1st of February 2009 and I am getting excited about the up coming valentines day to those who are celebrating this very special occasion. Well, my husband dear is not around for this occasion but still I am looking forward on this day. I remembered when we had our first valentines date when we are still engaged and he set up the date at the 5 star hotel when we are still in Bahrain. He bought my gown for me. I never expected that he will buy my gown but because he insisted that he would be honored if I will let him pay the gown that I've chosen. I was with my sister that time and my sister and I agreed to let him pay for it. I thought our date was just the two of us but I was surprised when I went to our table and it's not a table for two, it was a big table that he reserved and with out my knowledge he invited all my friends and their partners. That was really cool to see all my friends and their partner was there on that night.

I would always cherish those days and the moment that he made me so happy. I attached the pictures that we had that night with our dear friends. I miss you guys, hope one day we will see you again.

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