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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There is nothing more precious in someone's life than memories. We strive every day to capture them with video, pictures or souvenirs to bring them back to mind when ever we see them. I personally like photo's myself because it is a moment in time that will never change. They capture the thrill of the moment, the joy or sadness that was involved and forever keeps it till the end of time. I am always getting into my computer to look at all the pictures I have ever taken but sometimes that gets a little difficult. One of my friend told me about Ceiva digital photo frames are one of the best ways to show off those photos with ease and simplicity. This is no ordinary digital photo frame, the Ceiva frame is a completely remote synchronized from either your computer or cellphone. You can upload pictures locally or over the wireless connection that you have with your computer. It boasts High Definition quality and it cost only $29.99 with a year subscription plan by Ceiva. Take note, shipping is FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this offer now and get your very own Wireless Digital Photo frame.


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