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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to Chill Out !

Good Morning friends! How are you this morning? Hope everything is doing well with you guys. Kids and I are just had finished breakfast and time to update my friends and family out there first and foremost. I know, a lot of people are concerned about our situation here in Arkansas especially when they heard the "ICE STORM". From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU so much for everything and to all the people who pray for our safety. Yes, this is my first time since I've been here in the US encountered ice storm and just by myself without my husband. At least if he is here with us, he knows what to do because he grew up in Colorado so snow and ice storm is nothing to him.

Yes, time to chill out! It's been a 3 days now that our weather here in Arkansas are not good, the road is too slippery to go out so I decided to cleaned up the ice and outside my deck so that when it melt it will not get so wet. I know, sounds silly but I just want to make sure that kids will not slide if ever they will go out and play with the snow. I am planning also to take all the branches that fell down in my front yard so that easy for me to see outside, lol! Just to have something to do, what we called "Past Time". This is the real chill out because it's chilly outside, huh!

Friends, I know that what we've experiencing right now here is nothing compare to other state that have snow everyday. But for Arkansas people, they are not so often getting this kind of ice storm every now and then so for them it's really tough, especially some of my neighborhood area have no electric power yet since the other night till now. Hopefully, they can fix the issues right away and turn the power back on as early as they can. A lot of people in horseshoe bend don't have electricity and I feel bad for them, especially to those people who run out of fire woods and how they will keep their house warm if this will stay long. I know the electric people company are working so hard to fix the problems. Oh, have to go now, kids want to play outside and I will let them play for awhile. Keep you updated, I promise!

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