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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He is SO Thoughtful!

As I mentioned in my couple of posts that my husband is not here with us. When their ship stopped at the Hawaii island, he didn't waste any time at all. He went to the store and buy some gifts for us. We received the package yesterday morning containing a pair of 2 pairs Hawaiian clothes for my 2 sons and a bracelets for myself. My kids, wore the clothes right away because they knew that it came from their daddy. They are very happy wearing the clothes and so am I. He is so thoughtful to send something for us even he only have a very short time in Hawaii.

On the other hand, he don't know that i sent something also for his birthday. I know, it's not a big surprise gift but I am sure he will be happy to receive it. So far, we have still communication with each other through emails which makes me very happy that even he is miles and miles away from us, we can still communicate. To my beloved honey: Thank you so much for your constant support and the love that you always pour on us. I am proud of you as a father to my children and a good provider as well as a good husband. You really make me happy and proud of you. I Love you so much.

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