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Friday, January 23, 2009

Instructional Reflexology DVD's

Few months ago I had a hand reflexology when we went to the salon offered to us for free. Who will say No to free hand reflexology? It felt really good, I told my husband, one of this days I will buy a instructional reflexology dvd's to watch at home and practice it with him. He laughed at me! One of my friend gave me a website to where I can buy the massage dvd so with no doubts I went to the website called Aesthetic VideoSource. I clicked one of the video for foot reflexology and massage of the foot with expert massage therapist, Meade Steadman, in this award-winning video. Meade provides detailed instruction, demonstrating the strokes and techniques on both the right and left foot and on different models. It was really cool to watch him because the way he demonstrate you will really understand, it isstep by step and simple to follow at home.
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So if you are looking for any massage dvd's, I would encourage you to visit for more videos and information. Aesthetic VideoSource is the leader in educational DVD's and they have a wide variety of DVD's for the salon and beauty industry, including many massage DVD's. Just give them a call at Toll Free: 800-414-2434.