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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Turning Off His Cellphone

I am so glad and happy that I manged to talked to my husband over the telephone since last Monday. He called and informed me that their ship is in Hawaii for a couple of days so he decided to turn on his cellphone back. He called AT&T that day and I would say that AT&T is responding so quick for his request of turning it on for a few days while he is in Hawaii. So, we don't have any problem of talking each other because we have unlimited calls. Just this evening, he called me because he wants to talk to the boys and of course his wife, lol! He told me that they are leaving Hawaii tonight so he is turning off his cellphone and to be honest, I feel sad about it. I will not hear his voice for a couple of weeks maybe until they will arrive in Guam. I am not sure if he can use his cell but I would definitely sure that he will call right after he get down from their ship. At least it's easy for him to call right away because he has a calling card already that he bought in Hawaii.

To my husband dear: I will keep on praying for your safety and good health. I know God is always there for us. He never leave us nor forsake us. Just call His name and he will answer you. I love you hon.

1 comment:

emzpie said...

hi there dropping by here, he'will be alright..have a safe trip for ur hubby