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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Tuesday ALL

Today is Tuesday, as I've said in my few posts that my husband is getting ready for deployment and as the day and date is getting closer I feel the emptiness already. I was talking to him last night and I told him not to remind me about his departure. I don't know if I am strong enough to be able to handle our separation especially that we will not have much contact because of some reasons which is very understandable as a military. I always pray and seek the Lord's guidance and strength for everyday tasks and be able to handle all this things.

This morning, when my children woke up around 8:00AM they went to the kitchen and asked me to cook a pancake like their daddy used to make for them. I told my eldest son, I will make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast but not this morning and he understand it. I know, it's really tough to be a single parent at this moment especially my children are daddy's boy. They keep on talking about their daddy and I am thankful that they never forget their daddy. Every time they will see their daddy's picture they kissed it. Earlier, my 2 year old said to the picture of his daddy "I Love you daddy, I miss you daddy" it really breaks my heart but I have to be strong for my kids and husband that needs me the most. God, I know you are always there for us and I know you always keep your promise to us that You will never leave us. Thank you for being always there for me, I cannot do this alone, I needed you the most.

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