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Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Time to Play Boys!


Most teenagers nowadays have fun playing online games, even kids know already how to play online games. But let me ask you, are the games that your kids are playing safe for them? They spend a lot of time in front of the computer just playing games, actually there is nothing wrong with it as long as they are doing their home work and always make sure their studies come first. Anyway, have you heard about the new game called Action AllStars Sports-themed Virtual World? If you are fan of basketball or baseball then you will love this cool and awesome game. Very fascinating because you can choose what type of clothes you let your player wear. First of all, you have to create an athlete account and join the world of sports, it's free to join and become a member. For all you parents out there that have kids who love to play all kinds of entertaining sports, this website is specifically designed for kids. Actually, not just kids, parents can play as well. In fact I tried to play and I let my 3 year old son, show how to play and he don't want me to close the game because he was enjoying it. This is a safe website for the kids and is fun to play with. Not just that, they will also make some online friends and they can chat with each other too. I recommend this to my nephews who are NBA and MLB fan. His dream before is to be able to play online game like this, and this is his great chance to play. I told him, I will register him and this is my Christmas gift for him.

I would encourage parents to visit and let your kids engage with this kind of sports. You can purchase a premium account like $5.95 monthly, $25.95 for six months, and $57.95 in 12 months. Also, (MLBAM), (National Basketball League), or is current partner. So, your kids will have so much fun to play. What are you waiting for? Join the fun with For further information, please visit their user friendly website.


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