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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Bible Experience


I just love what technology has done to the world, there have been so many improvements to everything from health care to auto mechanics. But I think what is some of the most impressive is the ability to put information onto something as small as a quarter. And the amount of information that can go on it is incredible. Now, one of the worlds most treasured books is even getting a technology make over. The Bible is one of the oldest books we have and for some of us it is the most important. For my family and I, it is the operators manual for our life on this world. Well, if you have ever tried to read the bible, it is not an easy task, that is why audio bibles are so popular. You have to find the right one though because sometimes they are poorly done and will usually put you to sleep. Now there is a new audio bible out that has been produced with an award winning cast of actors, musicians and clergy. The Bible Experience website is the place to check it out and get a sample of this new audio bible. You can even get a free download of a portion of the Old Testament by using this code: GEN3SPRK. The free download provided features Nick Cannon as Adam as well as many other well known actors. The reading is set against the background music performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. If you have tried to read the bible and are just not understanding it, take this opportunity to get this new version of the bible as it is read to you so you can concentrate on what is being said.


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