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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Dear Friend or Ours!

This family that I featured in my site today is a dear friend of ours. They are the first family that I knew when I first came to California. We attended the same church and we have some fellowship together. I love all of them. They raised their children in a godly way and I would really say that I am proud of the parents the way they raise their children.

I showed to Joseph (My eldest son) their pictures and he could still remember their names. In fact, he saw Abby's picture and said "Abby, is my girlfriend" I don't have any idea where he get those word and how he know it. Abby is his friend. She is a sweet little girl that look out after him when they are playing. Hopefully, our friendship will grow stronger and stronger even we will not see each other very often.

I miss you guys! When I open my emailed this morning and saw your family picture, I cried! To Carrie, I will keep you in our prayers that you will going to have a safe delivery and have a healthy pregnancy.

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