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Thursday, December 11, 2008

New President

I always laugh at how presidential candidates voice their opinions about things they do not like and how they will change things when they get elected. Because it never fails, when they get in office they always end up changing their minds or postponing their decisions until later. And they always seem to come up with excuses for why they changed their minds. Take for instance this whole Gitmo prison that holds some of the worlds worst terrorists that were caught in Iraq or Afghanistan. President Elect Obama said over and over again that he would close it when he got elected. But as always, "oh, I don't think we will do that right away" and so we ask why? Well, it is because he did not think before he spoke. Quite simply, Where are you going to put all these terrorists if you shut down Gitmo???? Are you going to bring them to the States? Yeah, I am sure the American people will love that one! Let's face it, ever our own criminals in prison are patriotic, they wouldn't last a week in our prisons. So, the question still remains! All I can say is, I think Gitmo will be around for a long time!

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