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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Way to Financial Freedom

This morning around 7:00AM, my parents in-law and I are usually having a cup of tea in the living area while watching and listening to Pastor John M Hagee. His message today was so touching and it strikes us. The message was about "The Way to Financial Freedom" it really wake me up when he is tackling with the "Tithe." I've learned a lot from him that particular message about giving back to God. Yesterday, my husband and I was talking about our financial and suddenly it popped up in to my mind if he is giving tithe to the church and he told "NO" I told him, no wonder why we don't have any control of our financial because we are not faithful of giving tithe to Him. We all know that God is the source of everything that we have and if we don't know how to give thanks and give it back to Him, he will take it away from us.

So I told my husband, we have to continue giving our tithes every month because even how small his salary is, we have enough to spend but we also noticed since we didn't give a tithe lately, our money is just like an eel that will just jump back into the water. Folks, have a good Sunday to all of you and May god bless you and Keep you.

1 comment:

Russell Earl Kelly, PHD said...

There is a completely different way of looking at tithing. It was only given to OT Israel and never to the Church after Calvary.

The only way to legitimately claim the blessings from tithing is to keep all 613 commandments of the law. Read Galatians 3:10/Deu 27:26.