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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time for Gifts

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I think it is safe to say that I love the Christmas season. It is a time for the family to come together, enjoy each others company, have some good food, play and laugh and show our love for them. I know for the children there is only one thing on their minds and that is Christmas morning when they get to rip open their gifts and see what they received for this year. As a child, I waited with anticipation for that morning and I found it very hard to sleep the night before. Now that I am an adult the passion has shifted slightly and instead of waiting for the gifts, I look forward to shopping for, wrapping and placing the presents I have bought under the tree. Now I wait with excitement to see my children rip open their gifts as I take pictures. Obviously the first step in all of this is getting to the store and buying what you want to give. But, like many of you out there, we are not in a position to go out and just throw cash on the table to pay for everything. That's why I was so happy that the Kmart Layaway program was started up again. Layaway is an excellent means to go get the gifts you have decided to buy before the shelves start emptying. It also provides a way for you to place the item on hold by only paying a small portion on it and then making small payments until you are ready to pick it up. I unfortunately have not started my shopping yet, I will get some small things for my boys but because of my husbands deployment right after Christmas, we are trying to save money so I can take the boys to see my family in the Philippines. I know your situation might be different in a way but you really need to take advantage of Kmart's Layaway so you can get the gifts you want without having to use the old credit cards.


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