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Saturday, November 15, 2008

West Coast News

Today, was my Mother-in-law's birthday. We decided to go out for breakfast at one of their favorite resturaunts and then come back to the house to relax. I did not know that they had planned a little get together with some friends this afternoon, so it was kind of nice to have a little party. While we were enjoying our time together my husband texted me and told me check the news online for California. I got on and saw what was happening and then said to myself "not again". Again southern California is burning, this time up by L.A. They have 4 fires going and one of them has already destroyed 500 homes near Anahiem. Due to the Santa Ana winds they are having, the firefighters are having a difficult time controlling the blazes and a lot of homes are burning. Please pray for all those who have been displaced and for the firefighters as well so they can stop these inferno's.

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