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Sunday, November 16, 2008

That was my first time!

Yesterday was my mother in-law's birthday and one of her guests brought a venison that was given by their boss and she gave half of the venison to my in-laws. It was already cleaned up and ready to put in the freezer. I was really surprised when I saw the venison. They were very happy about it and of course who will say No to the good and lean meat, right? So this morning my father in-law marinated the tenderloin venison for lunch. I was not really sure if I am going to like it because I am not a big red meat eater. They roasted it and that is for our lunch. I tried a little bite of it and it tasted so delicious. The meat was very tender, so I tried to get a small piece and eat it. In fairness, it was really good! and the history was made. Yes, that was my first time eating the roasted venison and I would really say that it's really tasty and good meat. So, I think there are more venison to eat especially we have a lot now in our freezer, lol!

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