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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shop wisely!

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Unfortunately because of the current economic downturn and the possible ramifications in the near future I have seen a lot of people start to cut back on the non-essentials. Things like nights on the town, dinning out, buying items you really do not need and other ways to save that spare change in your pocket. And even though Christmas is just around the corner, customers are finding alternative ways to get the gift that they want to buy for their family. I know for myself, I used to shop at places where I don't really care about the price, but I am being forced to find what I need as places like Kmart. This is not bad in itself, Kmart still has a lot of quality items to purchase, they are just much cheaper than the other department stores. I am much more conscious about how I spend my money and since Kmart has started their Layaway program up again and I can get what I want now and not have worry about all the holiday crowds. Because I have small boys I have narrowed down my list to toys and clothes, but to be more specific I will be getting toys that are centered on learning like LeapFrog. We have purchased LeapFrog for the boys before and they really enjoy them. So this year I will be getting some of their new releases. What is really great about Kmart is a lot of the items I want are under $25! Yup, just $25, and if you are curious, I found out on the Kmart website that they have over 25,000 items on the shelves that are under 25 dollars. Let me tell you, if your budget is not what it used to be, you can still get a lot of quality gifts from Kmart. Now its all about how you do it, go see for yourself at a store and visit them online a

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