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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Need More Practice!

As you all know I am blogging about my driving lessons in my both blogs. I was so disappointed today when I had my driving lesson with my father in-law. I am having a hard time following simple instructions tht are given by him. I don't know if I panic or what! We did a couple of rounds and I still cannot make it for more than an hour of practice, I don't seem to be learning. It is frustrating that I cannot get a simple turn! The steering wheel is the biggest problem that I have, sometimes the truck that I am driving is not in the lane or sometimes it's jerking and swaying, what the hell! I was upset at myself for not knowing how to drive yet . I mean I know the basics but it's not at what the other student drivers are expected to be at, you know what I mean. I told myself I have to practice more when my husband gets here, at least I will not be shy to him. It's not easy to be in the driver's seat. Oh well, I will give myself some credit, I'm just a beginner and this is my first time behind the wheel. I am not ignorant about how cars work but I was just never brave enough to drive it. I have to do it now because my husband is not around all the time. So being here is the best way to learn and practice driving. I am sure it will take countless hours of practice to make me a better driver, what do you think!


Mariz said...

It's not really easy to drive, specially as you mentioned if it's a truck, I tried to learn to drive with my uncle's pick-up truck, but then I almost killed a I decided that I'd be better off as a pedestrian LOL.

Nita said...

That's normal for all beginners. Just consider to do it in a not so "busy" areas like in business establishment until you feel comfortable driving.

Maria said...

Just be calm and do not forget to have presence of mind. Goodluck!

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello joy!

learning how to drive takes practice and patience talaga! I've seem my sisters learn and ilan beses din sila nabanga hehehe. I am sure you'll get it in time =)

buti nga jan sa states e may disciplina ang drivers d2 sa pinas wala. kaya na didiscourage din ako mag aral driving. neway, see around =)