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Friday, November 7, 2008

Do it Yourself!

It's interesting that I saw this website. My husband and I have been discussing the possibility of him separating from the military once his enlistment is up in a couple of years. He has been thinking about getting into Law Enforcement as a career because there is a need for good officers on our nations police forces. I am not to keen on it because it still put him in some sort of danger. I never really knew much about PI's until I started looking at this new PI Magazine and began to think that maybe this is something he could get into. The Pursuit Magazine seems to be an excellent resource those who are already in the field or who want to get into it. It features many Private Investigator Articles covering a variety of topics and related news that benefit the field. The private investigator blog provides and interactive forum for those to who need advice or who want to share their experiences and new methods that make job what it is. It features news and marketing tips as well as classifieds for the companies that are looking for reliable investigators. I am going to pass it on to my husband to see if I can garner some interest for him and see if this would be something he could get into. If you are already a PI then I encourage you to check it out, one of the best parts of it is the section that offers tips and advice on surveillance techniques and procedures for different investigations. It seems to be an excellent resource, check it out!

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