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Monday, November 3, 2008

Mysterious Caller????

I received a call from a mysterious caller just today. I asked her politely about her whereabouts and who is she. She didn't say anything about her. I told her I will not entertain her call if she will not introduce her name to me. After a few minutes, she told me if I recognized her voice. I replied her back "NO" then she gave me another clue of who she is and how we become friends. Then suddenly I remembered her. Actually I forgot her name. Anyway, she is my former classmates when were in college. What a small world! I asked her where she work and what she finished. She said I proceed my master's degree and a law. She finally got her master's at the same time a lawyer. Wow! She is an Accountant and a lawyer! Hmm.. I wonder how she got my number. Well she called my brother and asked my number, then she called me. We have a good conversation and I am glad she didn't forget me.

I thought she is a mysterious caller that I don't really know but I was wrong. She make me laugh and I am happy for her because she is happily married to a Christian man and have 2 kids.

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