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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ebay or not to Ebay

Have you ever gone through your drawers and garage and found stuff that you haven't used for years and thought about just getting rid of them? I know I have, but then the phrase comes to mind "somebody's junk is somebody else's treasure". I know let's hold a garage sale and sell the items, maybe we will make about fifty bucks! Then again, why not get more for what you have, sell it on Ebay! How hard could it be, just list it, have people bid on it and then ship it to the buyer, right? Well, not really, Selling on eBay is a little more time consuming than that. If you want buyers to even look at your item you need to have pictures, descriptions and price comparisons to garner an sort of interest. With that done, then you need to monitor your item for bids and once you sell it, you need to get it shipped to the buyer, taking time out of your day to pack it properly and ensure it gets there on time. Why not make it easy on yourself! In our society of convenience, there is now a business that will do all of that for you! Yes, a business that will sell your items for you on Ebay, it is Taking all of the hassle out of selling your junk (or not junk), they will photograph, list and monitor your item for sale on ebay increasing the chances of a sale. This is not just an online store either, they actually have locations where you can drop off your items, they will even handle copywriting and shipping of your item on site. Selling on eBay has never been so easy! Now you have even more reasons to dig through your unused stuff and make some cold hard cash. If you want to sell on eBay then I suggest you use and you can be one of their many customers that can say with out a doubt that you did it with iSold It on eBay!



ShedSpot said...

hi..nice blogs.... can we exchange links?

Beat Black said...

I heard about something like this years back and thought it was brilliant. Must be a fun business too!

JoodyC said...

I left items with an iSoldIt store in Severna Park, MD. Mr. Roger Serpico, owner of the Severna Park store, took my items, sold them, and then kept his 40% of the money and my share of the sales money, $850.25, too.

This is a chain with headquarters in La Jolla, CA, Ken Sully, president. After six phone calls he finally talked with me and said, "It isn't my problem."

I've read online complaints about Sully and his business. An article in a Seattle paper brought calls from former employees who weren't paid and one man who lost $100,000.

Apparently, Mr. Serpico sold store furnishings on Thursday, Oct 30, 2008 and was supposed to have money for me on Friday, but he has not answered repeated calls from me asking when and where I can pick up my money.