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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Sister received the Package

I received a text messages last night from my older sister from the Philippines informing me that she already received the 2 balik-bayan boxes that I sent to her last month before I moved here in Arkansas. As you can remember I took picture of that two big boxes and wrote a blog about it on my other site. They didn't opened yet the one box because I told her not to open it, it was my personal stuff that I sent so that when I am there in her place I have few important things that I can use. She told me that she kept it and the other box they open it this morning (US TIME) and she was so happy to see all the clothes, bags, lotions, camera and many more. I am glad that they liked them, lol! I spent a l,ot of money to buy thouse stuff hehehehe. Hopefully when she will give it to my other siblings, they will also like it. Oh boy, I am not there yet but my siblings got their early Christmas gift already from me, whooooo!

I am judt gald that the package that I sent to my sister arrived at her place still the boxes in good shaped and have no damages inside.


alf said...

to receive a balikbayan box full of goodies is one of the most exciting when you are in the philippines.

hazelicious929 said...

I have been planning to give my family back home some goodies from here but I just dont know where as there's not much here in Kentucky