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Friday, November 7, 2008

A Gift for Myself

A couple of days ago, I was kind a sad and lonely especially I am far from my husband. I just focused on writing a lot of tasks and keeping myself busy. Well, I haven't noticed that I have a good income from one of my sponsors, so I told myself, I need a reward! I went to my favorite bidding site and just kept on looking until there is a wrist watch that I saw and was watching it. For a couple of seconds I bid on it and guess what? I won! Wow, I told my husband and showed to him the wrist watch that I like for myself. He liked it so I decided to go ahead and pay for it. It will be here in any day now. If anyone wants to know where I bid this, just leave a comment and I will give you the website. I will not put there website here because they don't pay me for putting it on my site, huh!

An early blue Christmas for myself hahahahhaa... not really! It's just a simple token for myself for my hardwork and a souvenir from one of my generous sponsor. Thank you so much, SR!

1 comment:

noe said...

haha.. Congratz!

tell me where plizzz! hope I can give my self a birthday gift, since I didn't get it from anyone.. :-)