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Monday, October 20, 2008

Whats in a Name?

When my eldest son was born, it was one of the happiest days of my life. We had prepared for months getting ready for his arrival. One of the things we thought long and hard on was what we were going to name him. My husband and I are firm believers in the word of God and we wanted his name to mean something. I knew of all the stories in the bible and we decided to name him after one of the influential people of bible. The story of Joseph is one of encouragement when it comes to life not going as planned by our standards. If you are familiar with the story you will recall that Joseph was despised by his brothers because their father loved him more then his brothers, he was doted upon and he even had dreams about his brothers falling down and worshiping him. Because of this they planned to have him killed while they were out watching over their flock. But one of the brothers convinced them to instead make a profit on him so they sold Joseph to some slave drivers and told their father that he was killed by a wild beast. Joseph was later sold to the Egyptians and became a servant of the pharaoh. Because God had his hand on him He gave Joseph the power to interpret dreams, as a result Joseph became a prominent leader in the Egyptian land. To cut it short Joseph's family eventually came to Egypt to buy food they had stored for the famine. His brothers bowed down to him because they did not know it was him. In the end Joseph took his family in and provided for them until the famine was over. We knew our son Joseph would grow into a mighty man and a leader, we wanted him to have a name that was befitting. If you are interested, Find out more about bible stories and how they can relate to life then you need to attend the first ever Theater Church Conference in Silver Springs MD. This is an outstanding time to Find out more about the Word of God and how the stories can influence your life and the lives around you. It is be sponsored and arranged by Cinemeetings and events and takes place on Oct 22 and 23. To Find out more check out the Theater Church Experience!

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