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Monday, October 20, 2008

What's for Dinner Grandma?

Awhile ago, my eldest son asked his grandma about dinner. Grandma was in the kitchen preparing food for our dinner and my eldest son said "What's for dinner grandma?" I was really surprised he asked his grandma about dinner, so grandma said we're having hashed browns and eggs. My son replied, Oh, like daddy". What he meant like daddy is, like his daddy cooking the same but only for breakfast. He is a smart kid! I am really happy that my kids are very comfortable with their grandparents. I am watching my kids playing with Grandpa most of the time. At least they will not keep looking for their daddy all the time because grandpa is here to give them a love that daddy cannot give it right now.


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Ah, grandmas. My grandma used to put butter on EVERYTHING. Even PBJ. It was PBBJ. Memories...

jessica said...

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I really enjoyed this page, it reminds me of my family. We all enjoy cooking and i hope that my kids will carry on my grandmothers recipies. Its comfort food, and nobody cooks it quite like grandma.