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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Support Breast Cancer

A couple of days, I received an offline message from my friend who live in Canada telling me that my friend's aunt has a stage 3 breast cancer and she is having a chemotherapy right now in Cebu City. I was kind of sad because she is my teacher when I was in elementary and still we have contact with her and her family back home. I am very sad because I have 3 important women in my life who are affected with this cancer. First, was my elder sister, that she just finished her chemotherapy and radiation early this month. I am not sure yet what is the result of her overall exam but I am certainly sure that God healed her. And completely out of danger! Second my principal back in high school. I am not related to her but her niece is my bestfriend and an adviser in high school too. They also brought her to Cebu City for her chemo and the last one is my friend's aunt. I haven't talk to my frined yet about her aunt but I am sure she needs a comfort because I know how she is attached to her aunt. They live in one house and most of all her aunt is the one taking care of them and helping them when they are in college.

Folks, let support breast cancer and pray for the victims.

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