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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looking for an Online Backup for Your Files?

Two months ago my husband was complaining about his laptop that it's not working properly. He tried to turned it on and just a few minutes it will shut off right away. He couldn't figured out what is really wrong with his laptop which I told him maybe because it is getting old and need to change to a new one. He tried to fixed it and for a couple of days, he got it fixed! He brought it in their office because they run out of computers and he cannot do his job right away and it was working their for maybe about one month. I was concerned about his laptop because there are a lot of important documents that needs to be protected in his laptop, so I told him to look for an online software that will allow him to backup all his data. I told him that I found a reliable online software to backup all his important files that is stored in the laptop. I refer to him the OPENRSM CloudBackup, it's an online backup tool that will help and allow my windows to backup data to an off-site storage network. I told him to go ahead and check their website for more details about their online back and he told me that this is very convenient, manageable, inexpensive and easy to use to backup all your data through online rather than storing them in CD's or DVD's tapes because it is more expensive and hassle. So what you are waiting for? don't wait that your computer or laptop will crash get some online back up now from OPENRSM CloudBackup. By the way, CloudBackup works with Windows, Mac, and Linux it is a multiflatform.

Last week, he told me that his laptop quit working, I'm glad he listen to my opinion. Also, visit their website for more information.

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