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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

GoodLuck to ME!!

Tomorrow is my written exam for driving. I am very hesitant because I don't want to know that I will fail the driving written exam. Since I got here in United States a year ago, my husband and his family is pushing me to take a driving lesson which I always told them "hmmm I will" but time flies I wasn't able to take the written exam in California because I was so scared. So, when I got here in Arkansas a week ago, my parents in law was asking me if I'm ready to take the driving lesson, I am not quiet sure what to say but they encourage me and praying for me that I will get over the fear. I make a silly excuse that I am not sure yet if their manual for written exam is the same to California one. My father in law told me that he will go to get the study book for me to study and be aware of the Arkansas traffic rules. I've been reading on it but I would honestly admit that I am not 100% that it goes to my head the traffic laws and violation here in Arkansas.

Tomorrow is my day, hopefully I will pass this written exam so that I can practice driving while I'm here in Arkansas. Here is road is very safe, not much traffic and there are no crazy drivers not like California. Wish me LUCK, folks!

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