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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Emergency Call

I received an emergency call from my sister who live in Bahrain 2 days ago about my other sister in the Philippines. I was kind of worried about the sad news that my sister told me. My sister was rush to the hospital because she was keep on vomiting and having a sharp pain in her stomach. They went to one of the private hospital in Zamboanga City, Philippines and stayed their for one night. The doctor examined everything from her blood, stool, urine, etc. After the findings, the doctor told her that everything is cleared except for thyroid goiter. So the doctor give her a medicine to take and she went home to her hometown. After 2 days, my sister in Bahrain called again because my sister is still in pain, so my sister from Bahrain told her to confine to the hospital for a couple of days so that the doctor can monitor her. And because of what she have been experiencing, she was dehydrated. She finished 8 bottles of dextrose and she texted me yesterday that she already at my other sister's house resting and feeling better.

Thank God nothing happened to her seriously and Praise His name for the healing! God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

1 comment:

jHeLea said...

I agree with you poh...God is really good all the time...