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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coolest Gadgets are Here!

We have all heard the saying "there are boys and their toys and then there are big boys and their big toys". People typically associate that phrase to things like trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. But for the technologically minded that can hold true for computer based hobbies. Let me be the one to tell you about this new web site called the Gadget Advisor. This site's goal is to keep you up to speed on all of the newest and coolest technology releases on the market. They don't drown you in worthless updates or news, they stick to only the newest and best items on the market. I am kind of one of those persons that like to keep up with new things, I currently use Firefox as my web browser and I always look for the best extensions for firefox. It wasn't until I really start to look at Gadget Advisor that I notices all the cool things they have mentioned one of which the this new Google Cache Checker Firefox extension. Or if you are into multimedia software and all the music and videos involved with it then you need to read up on the Blaze Media Pro review. I have to say, after reviewing their site, the Gadget Advisor will be a frequent stop for me during me internet surfing times. Sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of new gadget releases and new product reviews, but with the Gadget Advisor online now, it is that much easier. Check them out!

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