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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Driving Lesson No.3 - Signaling To Change Directions

This morning, I had my driving lesson no. 3 using a signal to change directions. I was kind a hesitant sometimes to turn left or right that's why I always hit the corner where I have to make my turn. I am still trying to overcome my fear. It's really hard to drive if you are not concentrating of what you are doing! That's what happened to me this morning. My father in-law said I am getting better and it's just a matter of more practice until I will get it. Guess what? I feel nervous when I see a police car again oncoming. But I did the right turn this time. I went to practice for more than 2 hours and I would say that I know I can do it! My father in-law is a good instructor, he just instructs me on what to do and when to turn left or right and when to use my signal lights. I am pretty confident now using my brakes and the accelerator, sometimes I just over correct the vehicle that's why we are swaying but not much.

I am proud of myself that little by little I have the confidence in myself when it comes to driving. I am sure when I go back to California I can drive already but not in the interstates though. It's pretty scary.

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