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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fashion Made Fun, Shopping Made Easy

Being a college student is very exciting. You get to experience a once in a lifetime event and you begin to start acting like an adult but with the energy of a child. You can make a decisions on your own without consulting your parents. Well, if you are a college woman that loves fashion, and enjoys staying in style. We have good news for you! There is a website called StyleHop that can supply all of your fashion clothes needs. StyleHop is going to have a full product launch on the 15th of October, 2008. The first company to ever introduce super casual and social online games that revolve around real fashion. Their games will do for women and fashion what fantasy football did for men and football: more engaging, more social, more competitive, more fun. Isn't it exciting? I am sure a lot of college women out there would love to be involved in this event.

At StyleHop, their mission is to build the most trusted, up-to-date, reliable source for smart people to share their style preferences and make better style decisions. There are two main consumer activities they are developing at StyleHop:

A.) StyleHop Shopping -Fashion shopping engines typically require you to sort through hundreds or even thousands of options to find something to buy.
B.) StyleHop Gaming - You want to have fun online game? You can create fun, competitive style ranking games. We will use the games to give you a StyleHop Score that objectively measures your fashion savvy against all other users. You can play against your friends in your own league or against other StyleHop users. It's really cool, huh!

So, if you are interested in this new and exciting website, I would encourage you to join and have fun in a fashion fantast world. Just simply visit their website for more information.

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