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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday Wish

Last Sunday, my husband and I were discussing about our eldest son's 3rd birthday this coming Friday 22nd of August 2008. We decided to held his birthday party at the park few block away from us with some of my husband's family and friends. I asked my son, what he wants for his birthday. He told me that he want to have a cake and a balloons. His daddy said, what else you want? He said "bike". My husband and I are decided to give him a small bike and a helmet on it. Sunday afternoon my husband went to store and he saw a bike for my eldest son, so he called me and asked my permission. I told him to go ahead as long as his son will not notice about the bike. So he went to a supervisor and told him to wrapped the bike.

We are getting excited for his birthday because we have a friend that have a daughter older than him and he wants her to attend on his birthday, so we called our friend and tell them about the party and right away the confirmed that they will be at the party this coming Saturday. Oh boy, my son knows already how to choose who will be there for his birthday.

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