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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Music, music everywhere

Have you ever been to a party where the music was less than desirable? Where they tried to have music in all parts of the house but all you got was noise. Don't let that happen to you! With all the new gadgets on the market, you can literally let your iPod be the DJ with out the hassle of wires. The new Outcast speaker by Soundcast is your remedy for musicless parties. Using an Outcast speaker strategically placed in your back yard, patio or home will allow you to listen to your music anytime with crystal clear quality. The Outcast speaker is a new wireless, weather resistant speaker that can be placed anywhere within the 350 foot radius of the transmitter. This new speaker is so good that even P Diddy bought 4 of them for 2 separate parties. Don't let your next get together be a bomb!! Check out the entire line at

Sponsored by Soundcast Systems


Tey said...

This is great for parties. My neighbors have this kind of speaker. It's cool/
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Loedin said...

I really liked music and often download mp3. Forgive me, if might know, this article was review from PTR? Please tell me about Paid to review what could be followed by me?

JBC said...

Yes, I show this to my husband as well ans he love the Outcast Speaker, he is thinking of getting one for himself... Well, we both love music so I guess this is the best to consider of buying a wireless speaker.. Cool..