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Friday, August 8, 2008

More Blessings

This morning as you noticed I wrote a non paid post about how frustrated I am for not getting any task from triple P because of my internet connection, so I decided to unwind for awhile. When we came back from the beach, I saw my two online friends were buzzing me, informing me that there are a lot of opportunities at triple P. Hard luck because I was not at home by that time. I started talking with my friend when triple P is loading a lot of opportunities. Luckily I got 3 right away, I mean one at a time, well it's only 50 words and 100 words to write, not big amount but at least it's not zero or should I say better than nothing. For me, it's enough at least i have an income for the day. Then I got another 2 tasks tonight which makes me really happy for my domain and blogspot. Job well done for myself, lol! I thought I will go to bed without getting anything but I receive 5 blessings from triple P.

Thank you so much triple P for giving me a chance to work with you. Be blessed!


Winnie said...

aww buti ka pa, pa share naman hehe.bago pa lang kase blog ko so ang hirap makahanap paid ops..nway i have a tag for u :)

enjoy the weekend :)

chubskulit said...

yeppppppersss, syempre ikaw pa di mabibigyan hehehe.. expert ka ata dito lol.. Got 3 opps today too... My luckiest day so far... Rejoice for the blessings we got!

Rosemarie said...

last week i posted $50 payout task and it was in my post for few days and pending for approval and when i checked it the other it was not there and i am a bit pissed tried to send a ticket to customer love but they said its either i not submit it successfully or it was rejected but i am sure i submitted it because it was pending for approval for few days and if its rejected i should know for i am always opening my dashboard many times a day. i not know what up with triple p

JBC said...

Really? oh i'm sorry about that, sayang naman 50 dollars. So you can't get it back? I was trying to take it last time but I was not quick enough I guess so it was a hard luck for me huh!

Josh of Arabia said...

thanks sis..god bless u, ur family and ur blog too:)if u got free time, u may cast ur vote for me at:
txs.see u again.