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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Friend

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Today is my childhood friend's birthday. She is 33 years old. Wow! time is so fast. We've been friends for almost 32 years huh! She is my neighbor back home, we grew up together and went to school together during our elementary's. After we graduated from elementary, we separated ways, I went to Zamboanga City and she went to Dipolog City to pursued our dreams to be a professional, it was funny because we have the same ambition in life to become a teacher one day but none of us is a teacher hahahaha. I remembered before we will going home from school, we will go first to the sea shore and just have a little chat. Unfortunately, she didn't finished her degree because she got pregnant with her boyfriend. Actually we don't have contact at all. Every time I will go home to my home town she is not there and if she's there, I was not around. So we didn't see each other again until now. Too bad, I don't have her picture with me, but I never forget her birthdays. I always cherish her and our friendship, all I wish and pray that someday our path will cross again. I love her dearly, she likes my sister to me.

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You visited my blog and nice to see your story here.Time is so fast.RIGHT!!!I'm fine, thanks.Now making some presents for dear friends and new babies.Have a perfect week,