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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Benefits of Stem Cell Research


Ever since I have known my husband he has been working in the medical field. He started when he was very young and knows a lot about the human body. I know he is very good at helping people who are sick and injured and has a heart for healing. I wish that I had his zeal for the medical field. I have never been one to turn away anyone who needed medical attention even though I am not very good at it. Now I can get more involved, not by actually learning medicine or taking classes but by spreading the word to people about programs in research that help advance the ever changing area of medicine and about the Science. One of these ways is to inform people about the benefits of Stem cell research. At C'elle, they do exactly that! With their simple and easy to use program, many people can help this critical area by donating their own stem cells or saving them for the day that they can be used for their own health issues. The advances with stem cells have been incredible and they have found they can be used to help those suffering from diseases such as Alzhiemers, Pakinsons and so on. You never know when you might be diagnosed with something that stem cells could end up curing. Prepare for your future in healthcare and donate now.

I would encourage you to visit their website and read the C'elle Client Testimonial.

Sponsored by C'elle

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