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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Prayer "My Call To Love"

Thank You Jesus, for calling me to love. Now a love because of what others do, but an unconditional, everlasting love. I can only have the capacity to love like this when it comes from You. You not only show me hot to care for the lovely but for those who aren't so lovable. Thank You for showing me how to take a firm stand for what is right and for helping me to disagree with those who do wrong, yet still care about them. I am grateful for Your urging me again and again to pray for the salvation of those who do wrong, even when they hurt me. But thank You for granting me the strength not to just stand there and take mistreatment. I know it isn't Your will for me to be a doormat. Help me leave the judgment of others to You.

Thank you for reminding me to love those closest to me, to cherish and treasure them and not take them for granted. Father, You have called me to love. Let it come from You, I pray. Let me love, not envy. Let me listen and care, not brag or put down. Help me look past the faults and see other's needs. Let me look for the good in them. When my patience is stretched, help my love never fail. Fill my cup with Your spirit-filled love until I overflow. Since this love isn't conjured up within me, it can only come from You, Lord. I thank You and praise You for Your call to love.

I know that when love is given, so comes the JOY! Amen!

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