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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My First Debit Card

I received my first debit card yesterday and I am so excited to use it. Since I joined blogging and have my own income, I decided to have my own debit card. Well, I cannot use it right now because I don't have enough cash there yet, I just transfered money to our other joint bank account. I am so happy at last and for the first time ever have my debit card. Now, I am more eager to work hard so that I have my own money. Being a stay home mom is very exciting as well especially that I know already how to earn extra money just being at home with my kids. This is very convenient to use where ever I will go. I cannot wait to buy something and use my card. Well, this is not really my first time debit card because my husband and I have debit card as joint account. This one is only my name on it.. hahahaha... I'm just proud of it!

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