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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Viddiction: Dream, Create and Transmit!

Since I've learned how to use computer, I try to explore my knowledge on the internet. One day I found myself addicted to the online videos jokes. My favorite past time is watching funny videos online while the kids are busy playing by themselves. It will help release all your stressed and even forget your problem for awhile. You get used to all the big name web sites so it is exciting to come across something new and fresh. One of the new sites on the web is called Viddiction. I was browsing through the videos and stopped at one with a cat, I love watching pets do silly things, anyway this cat was watching a boxing match on the TV and it was trying to bat the boxers on the screen. If only he was really there, it would have been OK!! Whats the different is you can promote your videos and drive viewers to your flick. They are also having a regular monthly competition to where you can get paid cash for videos. Thats right, the more people who view your video the greater the chance you have of winning $50 to $500 dollars. Back to the money, so if you love taking funny videos. Don't waste your time, upload your videos NOW to Viddiction, you can enter a unlimited number of videos per month to maximize. holds a monthly competition for the best video, that which is watched the most. What do you have to lose!

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