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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Imitator

My youngest son is good of imitating everything from watching us or from the TV. It's funny because at his very young age, he is only twenty month old but he knows how to imitate almost everything. That's why we are very careful huh! I'm always paying attention to them especially if they are watching TV. At his young age he know what movie he wants to watch "Blues Clues" he just love Steve and Joe, and he is interacting with them. I have so much fun and amazed that he is a smart little fella.

This afternoon, I was watching a Filipino noon time show called "Wowowee," and my kids was not on my sight anymore. I went to check them, the older one was in his room playing while the younger one is in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and I told him " No,No," and suddenly I heard my son calling my name JOY! So I kneel down and told him "I'M Mama" I'm ... I didn't finish my sentence he said mother? hehehe I think this is funny. I think at his age, he is really smart. What do you think? hmm...

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