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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Philippine Soap Opera

Have you ever try to watch soap opera or do you like soap opera? hmm.. I'm sure you do! Watching soap opera whether Philippine version or American version, I just get addicted to it. Well I don't have nothing to do, I'm just a stay home mother and doing nothing for the rest of my day. So I spend my afternoon bu just watching TV of course I love my own Country (Philippines). I am one of the avid fan of this Filipino soap opera "My Girl" this is not the original version but I just fall in love with this series. I cannot let the day passed by without watching it. I like the character of Jasmine "Nakakakilig" I feel like I'm a teenager that falling in love. hahahaha... Sometimes my kids are asking me if I'm OK because I was carried on with the series hahaha... ended crying! or even my husband was keep on asking me what's wrong why I'm crying. Sometimes it's a little embarrassed but who cares. This is me, very emotional huh! If you haven't watch this, I encourage you to watch this beautiful filipino version of My Girl. I am sure you will fall in love and feel like a teenager. You can relate those days in your life. It's really a fantastic and wonderful TV series. Tira! Tira!

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