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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ultimate Flirting Game

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Can you still recall those days that you are flirting with someone that you have crush on? When I was on my teenager stage, I had a crush in our school campus. He is the best mathematics teacher that I've ever knew, I like the way he teach, he smile, his perfumed and the way he dress up. I was to shy to flirt with him because I am not the type of girl that he like, and besides I'm one of his students. For me achieving a Victory Hair makes me more beautiful and sexy. I have to make it sure that I always brush my long shiny black hair and using Extreme Style by VO5 after shower. I always make it sure that I could get his attention, so what I did is, study in advance so that in the next day, I can answer all the questions that he is going to ask.


By the way, have you try to play a flirting game online? Vo5 has a new and exciting video game that you will enjoy and have so much fun called Ultimate Flirting Championship. This game which you play for points, you can create your own profile and join a chat room where two other people join in. You ask them a series of 5 questions and choose the person who answered it the best, simple and easy, check it out! I Invite you to visit their website and play this cool video game and also you can get a unique style on how to flirt.

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