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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Goal for my Income at SocialSpark

Since I joined blogging, I have so much fun and meeting different people around the world. I enjoyed my conversation with them and we shared our experienced in blogging, our different thoughts and opinions. I'm so proud that I am one of the million bloggers that are member at SocialSpark. I'm so excited when I first received my first payment from them. So, I set a goal for my income with SocialSpark. I didn't touch my income because I have a plan for my money. I want to buy a machine that my family back home can use for their livelihood and need not to buy their foods. I am almost there and hoping that by end of this month I can buy this machine. To SocialSpark, thank you so much. I do really appreciate you guys, you are such a big help and I am proud to tell every bloggers that SocialSpark is great place for everybody who needs extra income.

So who wants to earn extra income? Come join and have fun with SocialSpark. I will assure you will love to be part of them.

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