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Monday, July 7, 2008

Super Online Video Gaming


We all know that online gaming in today's generation is very popular, even young children and teenagers know how to play online video games. I was watching my husband playing online games and I was not really fascinated about the game, it was OK, but not really. I was browsing on the internet earlier and it happened when I found this website called and their Bling Gnome. So I tried to play because you can download it for free or if you want to subscribe you can also buy it at the store. I am so impressed and fascinated about the graphics, concept art and the colors of the pictures it doesn't hurt to your eyes, even for a whole day I can guarantee my eyes will be ok. This new online video game is awesome. You will not feel bored playing it because it is very lively. In the game as you play if you hit a certain reward a Bling Gnome will come behind you and pick up all the coins that you miss turning them into gold and giving you extra points.

For all of you that enjoy online video gaming this is a game that you should definitely try out, what do you have to lose since it is a free download.

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Anonymous said...

it's a funny pictures i like it. wish i can post this to my site.

Marilyn Christian said...

Great post you have here, very cute gnome. Good job!